When they lived at West Hall

01 Oct

Our last post about basket boarding drew a response from a reader who was a student here in 1950 and basket boarded. It prompted us to think of West Hall as well, and here is what the catalog of the late ’40s tells us about this temporary women’s dorm that was built.

To better understand, one must realize that Brockport was largely the same size school for decades, a student body of less than 1000, attending a school that was basically the one building. After WWII though higher education enrollment took off in a dramatic way, and Brockport, like other schools, entered into an exciting period of growth for the next 20 years.

“In the fall of 1948, West Hall, a temporary dormitory for women, one block from the College, was opened for occupancy.  West Hall houses 112 women students, 98 freshmen and 14 upper-classmen who serve as counselors.  A resident manager is in charge. Other women students of the College reside in carefully selected homes in the village.  Regulations governing rooming houses are set up by the State and by the College Committee on Housing.  Satisfactory conditions as to heat, sanitation, lighting, furnishings and social features of each home are checked before the house is recommended as a student residence. Men students live in similarly approve rooming houses in the village or in the veterans housing project.


  • Room in West Hall $180 a year
  • Rooms in private homes $150-180 a year
  • Apartments in veterans housing for married vets $18 monthly
  • Rooms in housing for single veterans $16 monthly average
  • Estimated College cafeteria prices Breakfast $.30 per day Lunch $.45 per day Dinner $.75 per day
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