“Returning Home, 1961:” Guys and Dolls Continued…

08 Sep

Below is a great photo Andy Nazzaro, a member of the troup, shared with the archives of some of the students who performed on the 1961 European tour of this Brockport College theater production. The students who went on the trip were as follows, according to a news article of the day. Please advise the archivist, Charlie Cowling (  of any corrections or additions. Help identifying the people in the photo below would be great too! So far I know that the student in the second row on the right is Bert Mann.

  • Timothy Ames, Alfred Blau, Annette D’Amato,  James Denio, Michael Humphreys, Ronald Kryzan, Bert Mann, Peter Ogren, Marolyn Piersma, Madeline Pitella,  Carmen Rivoli, Patricia Sincock,  Diane Spinelli,  Patricia Synder, Judith Wade,    and Dr. Louis Hetler, faculty advisor.
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One response to ““Returning Home, 1961:” Guys and Dolls Continued…

  1. CMarie Mann

    September 29, 2011 at 5:26 am

    Thanks, so much, Charlie!!


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