Far flung Brockport alumni of yesteryear

14 Mar

The college has a new “Digital Commons” site, an online page where the college is presenting articles by various faculty and much more. There is an archives section to the site, with a number of collections present already. In adding a document to the site, a list of alumni from 1867-1922, showing where they were living at that time, the archivist was struck by how far some alumni had traveled. Many of course were in the local region, or in NY, but many were living out west and other parts of the country. Some had made it even further, serving as missionaries, working for the government or business. Here are their listings in the register:

  • Changsha, China: Carl D. Meinhardt ’07, American Counsulate.
  • Maubin, Burma: Mrs. Elsie Northrup Chaney (Rev. C.E.) ’05, American Baptist Mission.
  • Shidzuoka City, Japan: Mrs. Leora Britton Lobdell (N.L.) ’99, 32 Nichome Hegashi, Kasabuka Cho. (Pictured here from the 1899 yearbook, a one time production; it wasn’t till some years later that a yearbook was regularly published.)
  • Tokyo, Japan: Mrs. Minnie Jackson Ayres (S.G.) ’88, care of Universalist Church.
  • Tokyo, Japan: Rev. Charles B. Tenny ’91, 29 Sauai Cho, Ushigome.
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